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Passion has a flavor, the intense and penetrating taste of Balsamic Vinegar, a product born from an ancient tradition but still very alive.
If made with passion, balsamic vinegar gives you emotions and sensations that any other product can give.
Discover its thousands shades with brands of Casa Mussini.

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Art of Balsamic Vinegar

Pure. Fragrant. Unique.

A story that like those of many vinegars started in the magical location of Modena.
To be more precise: Mussini-Magreta-Modena
And then from Modena spreading to Emilia, throughout Italy and to many other countries.

Mussini’s products offer a world of flavours, made from traditions, recipes, personal tastes.

For those who are curious and seek high quality products. For those who already appreciate delicacy and balsamic aroma butwant to discover a more diverse character.

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Our tradition

Flavors of the tradition
High-quality musts from refined grapevines only.
The right soil to grow vines with strong features.
The awareness of a preparation and ageing that finds its roots in the tradition.

These are the three fundamental secrets that, from generation to generation, are handed down in Casa Mussini to guarantee a unique and inimitable balsamic vinegar.
Trebbiano, Lambrusco Grasparossa and Ancellotta are the names of our grapes.

After the crush and cooking, their must goes from barrel to barrel, it ripens with patience rocked by precious woods.
Only a continuous and careful decanting creates a perfect balsamic vinegar from any point of view.

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